× Requirements for Xibar × Edit

To join Xibar you must be at least level 60, and be active =) At the moment we aren't really recruiting but if you contact one of us you can probably get invited.

  • Granted access to our forum.
  • Lots of laughs.
  • Soon to come paddocks.
  • Right to manage your own experience.
  • Chose your co-members.

× Perceptor System × Edit

100.000 experience donation to Xibar will give you complete perc rights. You are free to set your own percentage to guild. Those who wish not to use percs - simply ignore them.

× Experience Tax × Edit

10.000 experience donated to guild and you'll get complete perceptor rights. You choose whatever percentage you want to be put at, but if you want to donate less than your normal donation you will have to have donated 100.000 experience already.

  • Levels under 60: 0%
  • Levels 60+ : 3%

× Leaders and full fledged Second In Commands × Edit

  • Pvp-Panda
  • Owlz