Introduction Edit

Windfall was created on 24.07.07 By Balin-Isadude, who then passed on the leader title, to Myra, and settled as 2nd-in-command. with plenty of high-level members Windfall is a safe and enjoyable environment to be in.

Members Edit

All members are Very active and dedicated to the guild, approach any members with anything you need help with, whether thats a hunt, or a dungeon run, they will only decline if they have a reason. we show no prejudice against low lvl members and will never scam, if any members do not abide by these rules, then PM Myra or Balin-isadude, and they will be taken care of.

Recruiting Edit

We recruit all lvl 30+ regardless, With a preference to very active members, to enforce this rule any members off-line for over 10 days without giving a reason will be kicked. Members should be mature, kind, helpful and enjoy dungeon runs and hunts. A guild is a living thing and needs to be nurtured. All on trial members will give 10% or more to the guild until 3.000 experience has been given. Also, a guild is a community, everyone needs to help each other, if a member becomes notorious for being isolated by their own free will, they will also be dealt with.

Thank you, any questions or requests, PM any member

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