former "we are russian" althought we started a new guild the old one still exists, a few people decited to stay in the old one, but overall we are the same people,

this is a Russian speaking guild in the game Dofus that is build to gather Russians all over Dofus in one group

we are NOT trying to establish a Russian mafia in Dofus, we just help our own

Member List Edit


  • Korol-i-Shut


  • Bloodym
  • -Lara-Croft-RUS-
  • Ilsinur


  • Slavik-The-Great


  • BarbarianUA
  • Tendd
  • EcasBloodyCoin
  • |||VoVe|||


  • Xen-O-Morph
  • ---xx-ResnAis-xx--
  • Vice-Captain
  • Rattler-MVD
  • --Lexa--
  • ---alfab---

on approvalEdit

  • SexyPavel
  • -ura-eni-
  • Perdun
  • Kariaz-Nor
  • -alfab-
  • Tematius
  • Sadida-lt-
  • Freeman-ua
  • Veringa
  • -Genesis-
  • Givinoneara
  • IlsinurII
  • -light-of-mana-
  • -Pashok-
  • xxbobisxx
  • Spirit-Of-Cleric
  • ForMotherRussia
  • Dimoniusss
  • Ichigo-Bankai

Recruitment Information Edit

  • Must be Russian speaker (Russian, Ukranian, Belarussian, Moldovian ext.
  • we prefer lvl 30

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