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this is a Russian speaking guild in the game Dofus that helps Russian newcomers get better and hang out and do different activities in the game as a team,

Member List Edit


  • XenaMorph


  • Tendd
  • Bloodym
  • -Lara-Croft-RUS-


  • Korol-i-Shut


  • EcasBloodyCoin
  • BroniusX,
  • Anykey
  • DRmixanikyS


  • Slavik-The-Great
  • DRmixanikya
  • Vedrus

on approvalEdit

  • --Yugo--
  • emanuel
  • Bop
  • Mistic-Knight
  • FilledWithDarkness
  • UnkleByte

Recruitment Information Edit

  • Must be Russian speaker (Russian, Ukrainian, BelarussiAn, Moldovian ext.
  • must be at least lvl 15

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