The UNO Card Players Union is a fun, talkative group who have one bring uno to evryone in dofus. The four founding fathers of the guild were therisktaker, Imabluffersoulose, evilminerfourtyniner, and Mage-of-Destiny. Since then the reign of leadership has been given to Xelor-of-Destiny. We are aiming for a bonta+neutral guild to prevent fighting within the ranks, and are right now at a lvl 20+ requirement. A lvl 35+ requirement if you would like to be an officer. We have tons of fun inside of the guild and its free to opinion, if u wish to help just contact me(xelor-of-destiny), evilminerfourtyniner, therisktaker, or imabluffer for info on entrance into the guild.

Officer: Must be level 35+

Treasurer: Level 27-34

Keeper: Any level

Manufacturer: Any level, but must ask guild if they need anything from your profession before anyone else.

Defender: Anyone over level 22

Servant: 20 and 21

On approval: 17-19