The union underground is a small guild created about a month back by for whome the bell tolls. We're about lvl 12 and only have about 27 members but were really starting to pick up the pace and are geting sevral new recrutes dailey. With so littl epeople were not super active but when we are all we are a fun and talkative comuity and everyones got eacothers back. You must be lvl 20+ to join and most of us are ranging from lvls 30-50 and we have allowed a very small amount of low lvls that are good friends of the guilds higher ranks, and sometimes we just make exeptions ^^. well tahts about all, once we get a little more focused we hope to be able to have big guild events and suff like that, well thx for reading hopefull see you in the game.

Aronoth, Guild governor