About Tropical Storm...
The guild was created way back in January 2006, making it one of the oldest surviving guilds in the game. TS is a respectful, mature, laid back, family-style guild, with many members having been the active core for the majority of the guild's 7 year existence. Our current players' levels range from 200 - 8x, (the age range is just as vast too) and with all professions accounted for.

Tropical Storm is lead by IronCaf, is of mixed alignment, and owns six guild houses and six paddocks.

Our minimum level for membership is ideally level 100, but 80+ is accepted if proven to be a valued and helpful addition to the guild. But be aware under 100's may find less activities to get involved in.

Also an alt guild named Tropical Sanctuary is home to anyone who doesn't meet Tropical Storm's entry requirements. e.g. f2ps and low-level profession alts.

Admission requirements...
All players must speak English well, have a p2p character of level 80 or higher and be a helpful, self-sufficient guildie. After a brief trial period, assuming you fit in, you will find help is always at hand and offered generously. You will preferably (but not always) be over 18 years of age, show maturity and professionalism towards other members, and not seek to constantly beg or leech. Therefore newcomers must have the initiative to be able to level by themselves and be financially independent. Leveling is not everything for our members, more important is knowing how to have fun! If you have an easy-going attitude with a witty sense of humour, then you'll feel right at home here.

Additional information...
There is a guild website/forum accessible to members, for more information or any other queries, please pm IronCaf or any senior guild member in game.

They are: Xanderos, Kranaquin, Debarnels, Bugdude, Dark-Haze.