Trivium Edit

This is a newly founded mixed alignment guild 24/09/06.
that consists of low to middle level characters

Officers Edit

-Hell-Boy-Dude -Jed- DaVinci Tiril

Requirements Edit

To join Trivium you need to be level 20+, be emotionally mature and active

Ranking System Edit

  • 20-24 Rank-On Approval Rights-Manage XP Invite New Members
  • 25-29 Rank-Servant Rights-as before plus placing percs
  • 30-34 Rank-Reservist Rights-as before plus collecting resources from percs
  • 35-39 Rank-Manufacturer Rights-as before plus collecting kamas from percs
  • 40-44 Rank-Protector Rights-as before plus collecting items from percs
  • 45-49 Rank-Treasurer Rights-as before plus manage ranks
  • 50+ Rank-Officer Rights-as before plus bannishing

Alignments Edit

We are currently aligned with

  • no one