Brief Description Edit

Tiramisu-Filled Messiahs is a new guild created for those who are easy-going and "literate". We do not concern ourselves too much with power and are polite enough to not code our messages behind abbreviations. A Tiramisu-Filled Messiah knows how to take a joke, how to spell "please", and how to think of something other than leveling. We plan to have contests, fairyworks shows, and other silly things like that to involve our members.

The name? Er... Literally, a tiramisu-filled messiah is a chocolate-covered piece of tiramisu in the shape of the Messiah. No, it doesn't really have a deep meaning; it's just sort of making fun of idealism.

Member Requirements Edit

  • There is no level requirement.
  • Both free players and subscribers are allowed.
  • Members must at least try to use proper English (including capitalization). English doesn't have to be your first language in order to meet this requirement.
  • Know that being strong in player-killing doesn't make you better than anyone.

Basically, anyone who is friendly, at least a little odd, and willing to spell out "please" and "thanks" is welcome. :B

General Rules Edit

[Our version of the Idiot's Guide to Not Being an Asshole]

  1. ] Don't order people around like a big shot. This applies to all leader figures as well as everyone else.
  2. ] There is no minimum XP cut. We actually prefer that you kept your experience to yourself. You may donate if you really want to, but I'm warning you that we don't currently have any intention of catering to a collector.
  3. ] Please keep the mood light if you can. Serious discussions over religion, ethics, or sexuality are not what we're looking for when we decide to log onto a silly game like Dofus.
  4. ] If you get into an argument, try to understand the other person's view instead of trying to make yourself seem superior or repeating your point like a moron.
  5. ] Try to keep personal fights out of the guild channel, and don't involve anyone who doesn't have anything to do with it.
  6. ] Don't create "sides" in a discussion or argument. Either keep the conversation reasonable or don't get involved at all.
  7. ] Some members may get moody once in a while. Don't take it too personally. There's no reason to bring up PMS either, thanks.
  8. ] Natsiri does not appreciate comments on her unusual choices regarding education. :D

Crafting Material Trade Edit