Welcome, (no relation to Seekers guild)

The Seekers is a guild in the MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Dofus, on the Europian server ROSAL. The guild was originally created by Velpeteer and Mischevious at 04-03-'07. This young brotherhood is searching for new members:

Terms & conditions: Edit

  • Who are P2P-players(pay to Play)So that you are not limited to the benefits of Dofus full game.
  • Who are combat lvl 15+ (From lvl15 you have to pay 5%XP to the guild for helping the guild grow)
  • Who are willing to be in a brotherhood of Trust, Cooperation & Teamwork
  • Who play on the Rosal server
  • Who speak English

Benefits for guild members: Edit

  • No more fighting alone,fight side by side by members.
  • Profit from the Professions in the guild, some professions are already lvl100!
  • Build up trust or get friends with some other players.
  • Loads of help if you got any questions about DOFUS.
  • Help of other GUILDS who are in contact with The Seekers,even more help on the way!

If you agree with these terms,and want to be part of our guild, please contact the Admin: velpeteer at Or take a look at our Forum