Due to the leader and co-leader of this guild buying a house and marrying each other - this guild is currently on hiatus until such a time as we decide to return to the Dofus world! I thank all the loyal guildies and apologise for being unable to contact them before now.

History Edit

Welcome! So glad you asked :)

As of January 2007, this guild is now led by Failte, a 9x Osa, after Critical Failure lured away our previously beloved leader, Consize. Failte is an active, helpful player who is very much looking forward to wrymling.

She is aided by her trusty sidekick and wife, Kayley, a nifty little 7x Xelor who is also a moderator of the Dofus Wiki. There isn't much she doesn't know about dofus now.

This guild is currently being revamped. Our website in progress can be seen here

For history before 2007 view this

What We Do For You Edit

Give you a fun and helpful environment to enjoy the game with and some interesting banter to help ease the painful leveling. Dungeons runs are frequent and support is available for quests and crafting.

No one in this guild shall go pet less - if you have problems finding a suitable critter we can help :)

We have recently purchased a lovely paddock in the Breeder Village, to fulfill your turkey needs!

Requirements Edit

  • As the guild focuses on fun things such as dungeon runs and equipment hunting, you need to be p2p the majority of the time or planning to become so soon.
  • 20+ is the expectation, but if you are close to this you can always contact us and we will help get you up there :)
  • If you have a profession over lvl 50, then we probably won't care what level you are as long as you promise to use your powers for the good of the guild!
  • Age does not matter, only maturity. No excessive swearing or we will make the monkey bite you. Also, we might steal your cheese. Or send the mice in to do that for us.
  • Also also, a love of cheese is not required - nor is a belief in its somewhat mystical powers. Just a sense of humour and an appreciation of the rather quirky title will do!

Ranking Edit


  • Below 25 = Apprentice
  • 25–40 = Reservist
  • 40+ = Protector

Officers are chosen according to nature, not level. Active players who have proved themselves will be considered for this.

If you would like a different position with the guild you have but to ask. We do not currently have a Spy, or a Nuisance for instance.

Contact Us Edit

Try whispering Failte or Kayley in game. Most members of The Power Of Cheese can also invite you so ask if you see one of us around :)

You can also leave a message at the talkpage of [w:c:dofus:User_talk:PresqueVu Failte] or [w:c:dofus:User_talk:Peet Kayley] on the Dofus Wiki.