Overview Edit

The Naked Lawyers of Amakna was created a short time ago by Synthos, Now the leader is Kayita.

Officers Edit

The current officers are: -Huzzah, XvGreenDragonvX, Selaine, My-Old-Lord, ---code---, Jitalis and XxxFitDeathsWifexxX. Recently Magic-love was kiked out after she banished heaps of members and messed about with the ranks, now she is in exile... KILL HER!!!

Requirements Edit

The current requirements to join are level 20, except for special exceptions. However, as the guild expands the requirements are expected to rise to level 30, except for special exceptions.

F2P and P2P are both warmly welcomed, though most guild activities take place outside of the Astrub Village.

Rankings Edit

On Approval: If you are disrespectful or unfair to anyone in the guild, you will be put back On Approval for 3 days. If this happens more than once you will be permanantly banned from the guild.

Servant: The default rank when you join the guild.

Defender: Donate 2000 experience to the guild.

Manufacturer: Have at least 1 profession that is level 30.

Keeper: Donate 7500 experience to the guild.

Treasurer: Donate 15000 experience to the guild.

Officer: Officer rank is given out at Kayita's discretion.

Alignment Edit

The Naked Lawyers of Amakna contains both Brakmarians and Bontarians. However, the number of Brakmarians currently greatly outnumbers the number of Bontarians.