The Gobball Inquisition was established in early 2006 and has since grown to become a fairly commonly known guild in and around Dofus on the Rushu international server. We accept and help all classes and alignments although there is a definite lean towards Bontarians. Anyone that wishes to join is welcome too providing that you are at least level 15 or higher. Our ranks are generally pretty full so if you can't get in when you first ask try us again at a later date. All members are expected to make an appearance at least once every 2 weeks. If due to vacation or some other circumstance this is not viable please discuss the problem with one of the Officers or the Leader to avoid wrongful banishment. All members are expected to give a minimum 15% of their earned experience to the guild. Although anyone of Guardian status or greater can change the amount of the experience they give, only Officers and the Leader may set themselves to 0% and not have it changed back due to the large amount of experience they have already contributed. Other then the afore mentioned issues please feel free to enjoy your Dofus experience any way that you wish.


All new members will remain at "On Approval" status until such time as one of the officers places you where you belong.

LEVELS 15-19

Apprentice: Lvl 15-19

No matter how much experience you contribute to the guild you cannont advance past Apprentice until such time as you reach lvl 20 or higher. At this point your advancement becomes based on your contributions rather then level. NOTE: It is the responsibility of all Guards to help in the defense of the guilds protectors if they are attacked. However there is only room for 8 people to defend the guild at one time. If there are higher level members on please leave the spaces available for them as they will be able to do a better job of it.


Guard: Level 20+; XP Given: N/A

Manufacturer: Level 20+; XP Gained: 5000

Protector: Level 25+; XP Gained: 10000

Treasurer: Level 25+; XP Gained: 15000

Officer: Level 30+; XP Gained: 25000


The following is a quick layout of the current guild members that have advanced to at least Protector status within the guild.

Leader: Juanna-Corindie Level: 78

Officer: OneWomanArmy Level: 60

Officer: BullWinkle Level: 47

Officer: Zhson Level: 44

Officer: DarkPrinceDamon Level: 40

Treasurer: Dianorra Level: 27

Protector: Cat-In-Black Level: 25

Please try to be respectful of your superior officers and your fellow guild members. Try to help each other when possible and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.