The Family is a mixed-alignment Guild, established to handle the business affairs of its members.

Introduction Edit

History Edit

Little is currently known about this organization, except that they are an organization of like-minded players looking out for each other and their collective business opportunities within the Dofus world.

Rules Edit

You saw nothing.

You know nothing.

Don't say nothing.

Take care of the business we ask of you.

Requirements Edit

XP Tax 
Members are required to establish a tiding to help support The Family. This tiding can be a percentage of a member's weekly xp take or a weekly donation of resources collected through various means. Rights and ranks are based on tidings.
Perceptor Drops 
Perceptor drops are guild property, and do not count as member tidings. These drops will be distributed throughout the guild via our Treasurer.

Recruiting Edit

Current recruiting requirements to join are:

  • minimum level 60
  • an exemplary history in regards to your interactions with us
  • approval from active members of The Family

Recruiting Contacts Edit

If you wish to be a part of The Family we'll find you.