The Disturbed Ones Edit

Leader: Alchemic-Puppet-Lord

Second in Charge Officer: Koala-Puppet-Master

Main Officer: -DeathMaker-

Originally thought up from the band Disturbed. Our gracious leader is Alchemic-Puppet-Lord. If Your interested in joining Contact Koala_Puppet_Matser.

We would love for u to join us,we are a small bunch and still growning, We Accept all levels

It preferred as is XP% is given as followed:

  • 1-20 = 1%.
  • 20-25 = 3%.
  • 25-200 = 5%.

Though it is not required to give any amount thought it would be nice.

As You see we don't ask much ^.^ Just hope your a regular player

Ranks are organized by amount of XP given to show our devoted and that our will to help lower levels.