The newest special guild on the scene, The Dark Sisterhood- an all female guild. There are many perks and advantages to being in this guild, even though it is new.

Requirements: Edit

  • Must be a female (gay males also considered)
  • For a limited time, males may join
  • I prefer Srams, but will accept any class
  • Mature players, age doesn't matter, but maturity level does
  • I prefer P2p, but not required
  • A very firm grasp of the English language

Perks: Edit

  • I own a blacksmith house in Brakmar, which trusted member will have access to
  • Your own email address (or from my other domains)
  • Your own personal blog (doesn't have to be game related) on any of my domains! (this one,,, for trusted higher ranking guild members)
  • Special gifts for longtime membership
  • A mature all female family to help you out
  • A great forum

So, you've read all of that, are you ready to apply? Go register on the forum and post in the applications section. This is the information that I require:

  • In game name
  • Level
  • Class
  • Crafting proficiencies and level
  • Age
  • Female or gay male
  • Time you're usually on
  • Where you're from
  • Why you want to join