The Dark Covenant --- Current Level: 2

A newly founded guild that accepts lvl 15+ to enter the guild.

Has quite high levels and is said to be a new up and coming guild to match other highly known guilds.

Guild Members

Leader: Golden-Cat

Second In Command: Saiho

Second In Command: Ratto

Protector: Anjo-Das-Trevas

Protector: -Crazyboy-

Guard: --Lukeday--

Governer: Sabublba

Counsellor: Ospiosman

Chosen One: Epic-Bluffer

Guide: Anello

Guide: Exiledsadida

Mentor: Temphalyer

Apprentice: D-a-r-k-m-a-s-t-e-r-

Apprentice: Stigner

Apprentice: Sakjur

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