The Convention is a Mixed Bontarian guild


  • Base Level 20
  • Bonta or Neutral Alignment
  • Pay 2 Play although F2P is accepted (preferably active)

Hierarchy Edit

Officer - Hand-picked
Treasurer - level 40+ 10,000 experience donated
Protector - level 40 8,000 experience donated
Manufacturer - level 35+ with at least two lvl 30 professions
Guard - level 35 6,000 experience donated
Murderer - level 30 5,000 experience donated
Governor - level 25+ 4,500 experience donated
Counsellor - level 25+ 3,000 experience donated
Guide - level 25+ 2,000 experience donated
Mentor - level 25 1,500 experience donated
Merchant - level 20+ 1,000 experience donated
Apprentice - level 20 500 experience donated

A minimum of 15% exp donation is required for lvl 20 - 29, minimum of 5% for lvl 30+.

About the Guild Edit

Created on October 26, 2006 by Geneva, and currently being lead by Geneva.

The Convention is about helping people. Either by lvling them up or getting set items we like to show the f2p people why the should pay for dofus

Our guildchat is crazy at sometimes. It should not be taken seriously! Usually we just talk about the game and dungeons and stuff like that. Most of us are reall laid back and are really fun. Were just people who like playing Dofus and have our own forms of humor. Almost anything is accepted except racial, sexual and other harmful forms of vocabulary. They maybe said but if someone takes offense action will be taken. This almost has never happened. It is also something we are not worried about.

Want to join The Convention? Edit

Whisper Geneva, Jeneva, JeskaWarriorAdept, or Undead-Protector and we'll consider recruiting you.

Allies Edit

We are currently allied with Knights of the Round Table, no Member of The Convention is allowed to attack a Knight of the Round Table or one of its Collectors.