History Edit

"The Armenian Genocide" is started by Undurable-rock, and DefenseD. The guild is currently level 14 and always recruiting members.

"this guilds name was made to memorize the 1915 Armenian genocide,over 1.5 million people gave there lives ! and the turkish government is still denying that fact.They got our lands too. Now Armenia Is about 30,000KM squared but before the Genocide it was 100,000KM squared

Requirements Edit

We have a minimum level requirment of 30 and No Brakarians.

Ranking System Edit

Servant: Level 30-35; Guild XP: 0
Defender: Level 35-40; Guild XP: 3000+
Manufacturer: Defenders with proffession level 25+
Keeper: Level 40-45;Guild XP: 6000+
Treasurer: 45+  ;Guild XP: 12000+

These will change depending on the level of the guild

Rights Edit

All members have the right to choose their XP% to guild freely.exept sevants and on aproovel who have their xp set on 7%

Treasurers have the right to collect kamas/items from percs.

Officers have all rights exept managing the boosts

Recruitment Edit

  • You must not be Brakmarian
  • Level 30 minimum
  • Contact anyone you see with our logo,or ask around

New Rule Edit

each Time The Guild Gets Promoted to A higher Level,The Required level to join the guild increases By 3.That Means At level 14 The required Level to join us will be 30+ and at level 15 The Required level will be 33+,And so on...