The Conclave
I'm the leader of the guild, and were looking for some new recruits. The guild is level 9, we are looking for lvl 15+ and we want faithfull members.
In the event that you do become a member and become inactive, you will have a period of 2 weeks without otherwise telling me (or one of my officers) before you are expelled from the guild.
Ranking is currently determined by level or request, but when members are established it will then be based on lvl and guild experience.
Fighting between members is discouraged, you can have fun and joke, but do not purposely anger other members. If there is a dispute it will be settled by the leader(me).
I try to allow as much freedom as possible but I expect all members to follow these rules.
Leave a message if you might be interested, and my in game is Magicalgnome.
We may be looking at an alliance with Angelic Darma Warriors, and also I would like a person to help with a guild web page. And a designated recruter would be much apreciated.