Thanatos is a long-standing guild in Rushu which emphasizes community over power. We have our share of high leveled players, but will always focus more on creating a good community for people to hang out while they enjoy Dofus than we will on recruiting the highest leveled players. While many of our members are more mature, we do welcome younger players, as long as they can communicate well and "flow" with the rest of the guild in guild chat.


Leader: Raraesm
Second-in-Command: Dostoy, Ebay-guy, Evil-bow, Megizmo-bosaap, Sadinas-boots

All of our leadership is available to answer questions about our guild, our requirements, and to see if you might be a fit for membership within Thanatos. PM anytime.

G-Rated Guild ChatEdit

Guild chat is to be kept G-rated at all times.
This is to create a family-friendly environment as we have many players who don't appreciate crude language, vulgarity, sexual discussion, profanity, etc. Also known as "the Disney rule", the rule of thumb is, "if you wouldn't hear it used in a Disney cartoon, don't use it in guild chat."

While sarcasm is allowed (and often encouraged!), there is a line that can be crossed and we never want guild members to feel attacked or ridiculed by their guildmates.

Members must remain activeEdit

While we understand that not everyone is going to have the same level of involvement, we do expect all members of the guild to remain active. Any player going more than one month without logging into the game will be removed from the guild.

There are always circumstances that are going to prevent involvement for a period of time, whether vacations or final exams, and if this is the case for a player, then they are expected to leave us a pm through the guild forums prior to the absence. As long as these conditions have been met, player's accounts will remain in the guild.

Minimum Guild Level RequirementsEdit

The current required guild level for entry into Thanatos is 150. For those players interested in becoming a part of Thanatos, but do not yet meet the minimum guild requirements, we have a training guild (Moros), which is open to players 60+. When advancing from Moros to Thanatos, those who have donated more than 25k xp to Moros will enter Thanatos as Apprentices, rather than On Trial.

On Mounts and SuchEdit

Thanatos has nine guild paddocks.

Perc RightsEdit

We revised the perceptor system a while ago, the rules are as following now. You can place 1 personal perc from the moment you have gathered 500k guild xp. A second personal perc can be obtained when you reach 1000k guild xp.