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History Edit

Teruk's Army is a rebellious split of Drakengard, which happened not too long ago. The guild was made by Hakei and named after ever generous Teruk who stopped playing, later to return and take place as current leader of the guild. The power of the guild is not the number of high level players, but the close friendship between them. During september '06, Teruk's Army had a slight inactivity streak, but we fixed this up, and we are back, better, stronger and sexier than ever. This guild has been deleted.

Requirements Edit

The current requirements to join Teruk's Army are level 50+, with exception for Eniripsa's who need to be 30+ You have to pay to play to join this guild. most members are bonta, but numbers of brakmars are rising as well. To join PM the leader or one of the Officers

Exception: Apprentice Rank In our guild a number of spots are reserved for the apprentice rank, this is for friends and other people we trust that are under our level 50 requirements. The people on this rank get leeched, helped with equips and do not have to donate xp at all, until level 50. In return to our help we expect you to be active and loyal to the guild.

Former OfficersEdit

-Teruk- - Well, he's the leader, but that doesn't mean he looks down on us. He doesn't say much, but when he does talk, it's useful. He has great ideas of where the guild should go.

JoSefon - Perhaps the only mature person in the guild ;)

Hakei - Former leader and arrogant rich bastard, we all love him though (To an extent).

-Krokoboy - Young and clever crocodile-lover. He surprises us. Often.

Brom-the-Giant - Now Brom here could take on all of us, besides perhaps Teruk himself. The epithet giant suits him. Hes taking Dofus break. We miss him.

Jadwig - Also known as »The Tank«, thank god jadwig is on our side, because jadwig is scary as hell.

LastTragedy - Also known as team last, has been a devoted member for ages and has now finally been promoted to officer

Events Edit

We hunt for boo's, blops, pandulums, dark treechnids, percs, good old gobbies and pretty much everything else we're in the mood for. Dungeon runs occur but are usually planned a day ahead. Since we're mixed we don't attack/defend territory as a guild.

Tstore Edit

Teruk´s store has resources and set items donated by guild members for guild members. You can get items from Tstore for free, but some like gobbal lining are only for lending. Items that aren't claimed will be sold and the earnings will be used to buy scrolls for members.

Perceptor Rules Edit

If you place one, it's yours. Direct permission for emptying MUST be given.

Hawt Edit

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