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this was due to inactivity apart a soul member called darcc as the other active people left. R.I.P. technomages we may join together again one day

About Edit

TechnoMages is a Mixed Alignment guild on Rushu. We are a offshoot from another guild that sadly was becoming inactive. Our founder/leader is Sad-Dart (or better known as just Dart), he has been using the TechnoMages name for over 10 years now in various games. We originally got our start back in the space flight sim known as Descent: FreeSpace. Most of our older members have now fallen prey to the evil known as real life, but Dart is still around and making a new start in Dofus.

Requirements Edit

TechnoMages does require that it's members be active, and as of right now must be English-speaking. Our Guild Ranks are decided by amount of XP given, and change as we level up. You can view our current requirements on our website. We do ask that your character be level 20 or higher, and have a good team attitude. All characters regardless of P2P or F2P will be accepted.

Other Information Edit

We do have our own forums. You must register to post, but it is 100% free and open to any member of the public! If you are interested in joining us please use the forum and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

We also recently purchased our first paddok thanks to the donations of several members. It is a size 7 paddock located just north of Bonta at (-27, -64), so come by and cheer our little guys on!

Officers Edit

If you need to contact one of us, please feel free to send a message to one of our fine officers.

w:c:Dofus:User:Tmdart Sad-Dart (Founder/Leader), Jeremiah (Officer), Anoora (Officer)