Team Venture are a newish guild co-led by DrGirlfriend and Dean-Venture, who are known for being rare enus who are useful in battle, but not for their wiki formatting skills. Actually, they are not really known at all.

MrLooter, Kilkarian, and Abbadna are the officers.

Requirements Edit

We are now an all enu guild. Any level enu will be accepted, so long as you are not an idiot and are p2p. Being able to be made fun of (all in good fun of course) and not get offended. It's all we know, man. It's all we know.

Ranks Edit

Everybody gets perc rights, and can determine their own percentage of experience to donate.

Officer - Hand picked. Usually the most active and helpful players.
Treasurer - I have no idea what this rank is supposed to signify.
Manufacturer - Any high level jobs (60+) who ask to be this rank.
Keeper - lvl 60+, or 15,000 xp given.
Defender - lvl 35+, or 5,000 experience given to the guild
Servant - Everyone else.