The once-respected Superlative was founded by Finity, and officers included Omaar, Jeu, Vim, Vruu and Showpony. Finity sold the guild in late July 2007 to a pair of Czech sadidas, who attempted to make Superlative Czech-only. Superlative then changed hands an unknown number of times, eventually ending up under the leadership of Dark-Osaa.

At the time of this writing, Superlative is an Osa-only guild, with 6 actual human members. The guild has 9 level-1 alts of Dark-Osaa, which suggest that at one point, Dark-Oass was the only member of Superlative.

Information for this article was gathered from two members of the guild, both of which claim to have never actually seen their leader (Dark-osaa) online.