Sunrise Legends was created on the 23rd of April 2011 by The-Whiper and Amenix. The guild is an English speaking guild with player from all over the world.


Before we get into the details about our guild, I would first like to than you all for viewing this website and taking an interest in becoming part of our legion of legends.

Me and Amenix created this guild for one reason, TO HAVE FUN. We in our guild just want a good time, active chats, active hunts and so on. The guild has a good atmosphere, it's all friendly and kind. So there are not many issues at anytime in our guild. All I can say is that the guild is just one fun place to be.

Ranks And RightsEdit

Second in Command -

Chosen One - 400000-500000 xp -

Treasurer - 150000-399999 xp -

Protector - 75000-149999 xp -

Reservist - 30000-74999 xp -

Guard - 20000-29999 xp -

Scout - 12500-19999 xp -

Breeder - 150000 xp (only assigned by leader if person wishes to breed) Rights gained: Manage your own xp, Manage paddock equipment and use paddock.

Apprentice - 7500-12499 xp -

Mascot - 2500-7499 xp - Right gained: Manage your own xp. This rank is for still new players, but they have some rights here.

On Trail - 0-2499 xp - No rights, here you are being tested so therefore your xp donation will be set at 2% and you have to achieve the 2500xp to move of this rank.