Storm Troopers is a mixed-alignment Guild that was founded during the Rushu beta. Storm Troopers is currently one of the highest-level Guilds on Rushu, seeking Members with a typical level of 170+.



In January, 2007, Storm Troopers became the first Guild to reach level 40.


The ST code can be found on the Official Forums - Interested parties must register on ST forums to read. You can find all of the core rules our members are expected to follow. The fundamental belief of ST is that we are a big family. We should support one another, respect, and share with one another.


XP Tax

Members with sufficient rank are generally allowed to set their own experience tax, but 3% is strongly recommended. Privileged members may adjust their XP tax for special occasions.

Perceptor Drops

Perceptor drops are guild property. These are released to officers/treasurers with perceptor rights for collection. Some drops are restricted; these are noted in our official perceptor policy and are used by the guild to make scrolls for requesting members and to level members in professions. There are also auctions for crafts made from interesting drops as well as free lotteries for fun and special drops.


Current level recruiting requirements to join are:

  • minimum level 170

Recruiting History

In October 2006, Storm Troopers revised their policy to restrict recruiting from outside STA.

As of November 2006, all Storm Troopers recruiting goes through Storm Troopers Academy.

As of January 2007, minimum graduation / entry level was been raised to 100.

As of February 2007, minimum graduation / entry level was been raised to 110.

As of September 2007, minimum graduation / entry level was been raised to 120.

As of April 2009, minimum entry level has been raised to 170.

Recruiting Contacts

Prospective members are advised to apply here.

  • Poingy
  • King-Eni
  • Levantine
  • Link-O-Sausages
  • Materazzi-
  • Miralda
  • SaBoOty
  • SambaTraube
  • Xelaa

Relations with Storm Troppers Training

Storm Troppers Training is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Storm Troopers or Storm Troopers Academy in any way. Storm Troopers and Storm Troopers Academy believe that Storm Troppers Training is improperly trading on their established name and are actively hostile towards Storm Troppers Training.