Friendly guild, the fourth of Shika's history.

Storm was created after Rootz found a guildgem in a trashcan in Astrub. It is now led by Pathagrius.


To join Storm, you can PM most of the members, or try:

  • Pathagrius (Leader)
  • Rootz (Second-in-Command)
  • Mrs-mackow (Second-in-Command)
  • Mapleknight (Second-in-Command)


  • You must be active.
  • There is a minimum 5% XP donation.
General Guildchat Rules
  • No Spamming: You can say you are buying or selling something but don’t flood /g. Use /b for that.
  • No flaming/fighting with other members. If you don’t like someone and you want to make that clear, PM that person. If that doesn't resolve the issue, PM Pathagrius about it.


Players that have just joined will be set on On-Trial for a short duration. After that they will be placed in the rank depending on the class of character they are.

  • Fecas - Protectors
  • Ecaflips - Reservists
  • Iops - Guards
  • Cras - Scouts
  • Srams - Spys
  • Enutrofs - Treasure Hunters
  • Xelors - Thiefs
  • Pandawas - Initiates
  • Sacriers - Murderers
  • Eniripsas - Muses
  • Sadidas - Mentors
  • Osamodas' - Breeders

Rights and when you get themEdit

  • At 25,000 guild XP donated you will get the right to invite new members.
  • At 50,000 guild XP donated you will get the right to change exp. Temporarily under restriction due to someone logging into anothers account and changing all XP randomly.
  • At 100,000 guild XP donated given you will get the right to place percs and collect from percs. XP donated to the guild also drops to 3%.
  • At 250,000 guild XP donated you will get the right to use the guild paddock. However, only the owner and co-owners will have the right to manage other members mounts.
  • At 500,000 guild XP donated given you will no longer need to donate 3%. As this is not an easy number to attain we feel it should be rewarded with a decrease in the amount you need to donate. We have set this number at 1%.