Past Edit

Little is known about Static. It was bought by Myriad in February and used to house the Misfits' waiting list until Little Misfits was created. Afterwards, it was sold and became a regular guild.Static is now under the control of fatal-assasin a strong cra with the help of a young eca named watchandlearn they have resurrected Static to a new higher place

Originally created by Metrion, but was unsuccessful.

Future: Edit

Now the Living Hope guild has taken Static under its wing, and is now looking for new goals! Not failing!! With this concept, a whole new range of members are now in the guild.

The guild is still level 15 and has been abond left to an iop called homosapian (Well this noob has no idea, Im the leader of the guild. What a wank, besides its a guild I've bought a paddock on)