Stabbity DeathEdit

An odd reference to an even odder character, that perfectly describes the original players in the guild. The tolerance for stupidity, is very low. If you don't know, you have to be able to catch on quickly, if not immediately. That was the reason the guild was started, to give good players a great home.


45 members (only Alts over 100 shown)

Guild LeaderEdit

  • Aurikan (182)

The Roving Pack of Murderers

  • Fubar (199) (Aurikan)
  • Kardistorm (192) (Kardis)
  • Xtorta (191)
  • Leilea (187) (Kardis/Aurikan)
  • Hackenslash (184) (Aurikan)
  • Hulksmash (176)
  • Kardis (175)
  • GroundandPound (170) (MasterMagician)
  • Wordsmith (168)
  • MasterMagician (161)
  • Snow (155)
  • Stabbie (150) (Aurikan)
  • Chronolocks (144) (Kardis)
  • Cauterize (135) (Kardis/Aurikan)
  • Guen (130)
  • Misercorde(129) (Kardis/Aurikan)
  • Misercordetwo(129) (Kardis/Aurikan)
  • Futile (109)
  • Snowblind(108) (Aurikan)
  • Aqua-Phobic (103)
  • Baladanor(86)
  • Abrokoth (85)
  • Lhathor(81)
  • Fealin-Lucky (73)


Guild Homes

  • (-27, 56) Gigantic Smith House (Owner: Kardis)
  • (-27, 38) Extra Large Jeweller House (Owner: Aurikan)
  • (-27, 56) Middle-Sized Bontarian House (Owner: MasterMagician)


  • (-27, 56) Paddock 4/4 (Brought to you by Kardis, and Viewers like you (hah take that PBS!))
  • (-31, 42) Paddock 8/8 (Brought to you by MasterMagician)

Membership & NotesEdit

Giving experience to the Guild is purely based on the member. Most members are set on 0%-1% until level 50, where it usually becomes 1% permanently, unless otherwise asked by the member

Functions & ParticipationEdit

Not many to speak of, most people either ask for help, or simply tag along. Most invitations were given to people who we watched play, had a decent understanding of the game, and were grateful for any help we gave to them.


  • The guilds name is a reference to Black Mage on, one of the funniest online comics ever.
  • Check the Stabbity Death discussion page for a Tip on Gear hunting. .(hint- its a tab at the top)

Aurikan Soloing Lord Crow.

  • Disclaimer Notice: Aurikan's perception of the Dofus world inhabitants is skewed, his perception of difficulty in no way reflects how difficult or easy it may be for you. *From the makers of madness (R)