About UsEdit

We are a active guild.

Guild MembersEdit

The guild mainly consists of players alts.

Requirements to JoinEdit

Active p2p players. Lvl 130+. Know people in guild already.

Guild ChatEdit

Guild chat SHOULD BE always in English.

Ranks, Rights, & XP DonationsEdit

once you join you can choose your rank but sic and leader (of course)

100.000xp donated = xp rights

200.000xp donated = perc rights

the other rights are gained depending on how much we get to know the person and if you get along with other ppl and help them.

Guild HousesEdit

Currently, we have seven guild houses available for members to use. You can even log out or set your merchant in some and you will still be able to gain the same amount of xp as if you were in an inn. They can also be used as a form of transportation. For example, if you needed to go to Tree Keeholo Trunk, you can use a guild potion and travel there by teleporting to the house.

Guild Paddock(s)Edit

We have 3 guild paddocks with a capacity from 3-17 mounts.


We can place up to 17 percs and with the new system, they usually last at least several days. Percs may be placed either for items. 270pp.

Perc Attacks

Before attacking any perc, always check in guild first to see:

  1. If we are allied with that guild.
  2. The probability of you being able to kill the perc alone.

Attacking percs has always been hostile business. Take care that when you do, you are making that guild an enemy of ours, and vice versa but we kinda love wars so its fine :P. The more enemies we have, the harder it'll be to have to constantly defend our percs from their attacks.