Guild HistoryEdit

The guild Solvent was started and created by -Aero. He was helped by his sexy eni friend, -midol-. -Aero's wife was one of the first person to join when the guild was created. Shortly after, all of their friends joined. Lately the guild has been expanding to new heights.


We prefer lvl 50+ -but this also depends on your class. We do make an exception for some really sexy people Tongue smile

Alingment doesn't matter right now, Braks do over number the Bontas though. We prefer p2p people, in order for them to join our hunts.


To see ranking system please access our website.


The guild SOLVENT was created for some friends wanting to enjoy the game of dofus with each other. We have espanded our friendship with other people making it more enjoyable for everyone. Due to this idea, we like to hunt with each other so no one is alone while training. We also accept all type of people as long as they're not offended by all the cyber sex we have in guild chat Wink smile . We do not require guild xp donation, but it is highly encouraged.

We give all free crafts to guild members who are risky enough to take the chance of not having a level 100 profesion. We currently have several members with decent level proffesions. This includes: 65+ staff carvers and 80+ staff mages, 65+ wand carver and 20+ wand mage. We have many lvl 100 farmers,bakers, and alchemist.

We are currently allied with the guild(s): Royal Bloodline, Darkness Eternal.
We have recently declared war on the guild(s):

Guild HouseEdit

-None at the moment-


Located in -16.-1 Solvent Paddock

Join SolventEdit

Speak with one of our Solvent members or PM one of our Officers IG:

-Aero (7x cra)
-midol- (7x eni)
Lovelorn (6x eni)
Naning (10x iop)
Arjuna-Lilium (6x sac)
Noobers (7x sram)
Wallt (9x feca)
Kowhai (7x osa)