Solar Eclipse is a new guild on the server Solar. We are currently inviting anyone who has interest, into the guild as long as there are no disagreements within the guild members. We are currently a small guild but we already have done some guild hunts to assist our fellow guild members. There are a few professions being practiced in the guild a few being, Farmer, Alchemist, Hammer Smith, Miners, Lumberjack, and many more to come. We are always open to form alliances with other guilds which would entail no attacks of percs, or members of the opposite alignment in those allied guilds and possibly other privileges.

Requirements Edit

Solar Eclipse is a very open guild, with minimal requirements. We would like our members to be active, helpful, encouraging, and of course respectful to other players.

Ranks Edit

  • When invited into the guild, you are automatically set to the rank "Apprentice".
  • All alts are set to the rank "Nuisance"

In-Game Contact with the Guild Edit

If you need to reach us for any reason pertaining to the guild you can private message Jello (Leader), Zohan (Jello's alt), Boo-Feka (Second in Command), Boo-Imake/Boo-Iget (Boo's alts), King-Eka (Second in Command), or Any-King (King's alt).