Guild History Edit

This is a Spirita server guild founded by Sandel, whose leaved Maconaria to create one guild of his own. The guild still do not have visibility on the server caused by few members, low levels and low living time, but with time it can be a little more relevant to Spirita comunity.

Members Rights Edit

Every member is allowed to recruit new members, put and take perceptors taxes. The rights are increased as the member becomes more active and importat to the guild, or donating xp, or helping other members.

Guild's Foundations Edit

Art.1- Society is a free guilde, every player has his own thoughts and they must be respected.

Art.2- Every member must pass a good image of the guild. For this, a good conduct is required.

§I. It is not a good conduct: bad lenguage, nosense agression and acts that could polute Society's reputation.

Art.3- Society does not take responsability for it's players acts, and punishes those who have bad conduct.

Art.4- Every member has the right to put and take perceptor taxes.

§I. A member is a player who is not on trial.
§II. The member can only take taxes from the perceptor wich he had put, or with the agreement form the player whose had put the perceptor.
§III. This right can be taken for a period of time if the member uses too much the perceptor, or if the member do not respect one of other articles.

Art.5- The leaders can decide members rights and rank does not matter.

§I. A top rank member can have less rights than a lower rank member.

Art.6- The second in command have the same rights of the leader.

Art.7- When a guild's perceptor is atacked, every player who is able to battle must present himself to defend it.

Art.8- Bots and cheats are not allowed in any circunstance

Art.9- Every loan must be paid.

Art.10- On member disagreement cases, higher rank players can choose a judge to deal with parts and give a veredict.

Art.11- Donation taxes will be standardly set by the leader and can be changed by players who have this power.

Facts & AbstractsEdit

  • To join the guild, a person must be level above 40 or have an indication from an active member.
  • Nowadays it suffers from low experience donation.