Skye Highlanders: Rushu mixed-alignment, small guild with levels from 1 to 101. A no pressure guild.

Open to English-speaking international players that are easy going, friendly, and laid-back.

Independent players who like the occasional dungeon run, and enjoy joining in rousing stimulating chat, are most welcome.

Hang-abouts that are just learning the game are also welcome. We take it pretty easy, and respect each other...wherever we happen to be in our game experience.

No requirements regarding tithing experience points or kamas to the guild. The main requirement is just getting along and having fun.

Skye Highlanders is a new guild...with some members who've been kicking around Rushu quietly for years, and some members new to Dofus.

We have a house that will be open to the guild shortly. Beer will, of course, be served in generous quantities.

If you're new and want information on gameplay, we're here...if you've been around a while and want to just hang out, we're there, too.

And, if you'd like a place to practice your English, that will work well. I used to teach English as a Second Language, and found the classes were as enlightening as they were enjoyable.

Currently thinking about whether there's enough interest in a Bonta or neutral territory paddock.

If you're interested in more information on Skye Highlanders, please contact Dunvegan in-game on Rushu regarding membership.