is accepting characters at level 50 and up. The guild is a rather new one, founded in 2011.

It is not necessary (but helpful) to be a subscriber, to be invited.

At the moment the guild is level 25, being a home for about 33 characters.  There are 2 houses, both in Astrub. One is the public home, open to all guildies and the other one is the armoury, accessible only to the leaders.

Also there is a paddock being owned by the guild but located in Amakna Castle, so it's available for members of all alignments.

The guild has got a forum, where interested players may get info or apply: [1]

If you want to join, you should be sufficiently fluent in English and like word-games, because these happen a lot within the guild chat.

Members' ages span: 14 to 50 (male and female players)

Main goal of the guild is to help each other and make playing time as nice and friendly as can be. Whoever wants to join is required to be willing to provide what services they can, to make the guild as helpful as possible.

The guildies do have most of the available professions at a reasonable level, which in many cases only requires to provide the materials for equipment...

The guild has got enough high level characters wo help its members level in Cania or Frigost.

By rule inactive or rude members (being offline for more than 1 month) will be excluded from the guild, because being unavailable is contradicting the guild's goals.