The members decide the guild events

The members can do suggestions to events to the guild, something you think are fun you can say to the Leader os Second in command.

Hierarchy Edit

Treasurer Required XP 20.000
Protector Required XP 19.000
Craftsman Required XP 18.000
Reservist Required XP 17.000
Servant Required XP 16.000
Guard Required XP 15.000
Scout Required XP 14.000
Spy Required XP 13.000
Diplomat Required XP 12.000
Secretary Required XP 11.000
Pet Killer Required XP 10.000
Traitor Required XP 9000
Poacher Required XP 8000
Treasure Hunter Required XP 7000
Tief Required XP 6500
Initiate Required XP 6000
Murderer Required XP 5500
Governer Required XP 5000
Muse Required XP 4500
Counsellor Required XP 4000
Chosen One Required XP 3500
Guide Required XP 3000
Mentor Required XP 2500
Recruiting Officer Required XP 2000
Breeder Required XP 1500
Merchant Required XP 1000
Apprentice Required XP 100
On Approval Required XP None

Welcome to the guild. Everyone is free to donate as little or as much XP as they would like. But to prevent abuse, only the Leader & the Second in Command can change the XP settings.

Note : by default, XP is set at 5% upon joining. So if you want it changed, just message any of the higher-ups, and they'll gladly change your XP setting for you.

Torturer Required XP None
Deserteur Required XP None

Deserteurs are members who have been inactive for a long time. Those on this rank are slated for priority removal should the guild need room for new recruits.

If a Deserteur logs on before removal, he/she can be reinstated back into the standard ranks by simply informing whoever is online at the time.

Nuisance Required XP None
Penitent Required XP None

Shining Star Edit

We are recruiting people to join the guild. If you wanna join PM xXx-TUGA-xXx or Halfdan-Shadow. Aggressions between guildmates are prohibited. All players can join, any alignment and any level.

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