Sharingan Warrior was stolen/scam from Hale by Myriad and his/her friends. Busy with Misfits, Myriad had little time for Sharingan Warrior and, due to this an alt was put in charge of the guild to let it die down naturally. To this day, SW still has 30 or so members, none of whom are active. It's pretty much considered to be a graveyard.

However, that could change soon. Superior Man is currently negotiating with Myriad in order to buy this guild in which he had a lot of fun with some of his Alts. If everything works out fine, Sharingan Warrior will be back on the streets of Dofus. :)

Update as of January 2008 Edit

The Sharingan Warrior guild was left to HellenKiller, leader. The guild died off, but still exists. HellenKiller is an alt of a player in the Misfits guild named snakedressed, whom spends most of her time in Misfits.