Sharingan Reborn was created in the wake of the shutdown of the original Sharingan by Ice-Manter. The leader of Sharingan Reborn is Princess-Silvermist. We still hold the ideals of the original Sharingan and to this day follow the same code.

Sharingan Reborn is a mixed-alliance, level 53 guild on Shika. Our members are active and friendly, and of minimum level 100. We regularly go on guild hunts and dungeon runs, and all our members are chatty and helpful. Occasionally our leader holds a "Guild week", where everyone participates in the fun in trying to make the guild a better place for everyone. All hard work is rewarded!

Average level is 15X

For more information on joining our guild, PM Princess-Silvermist, Lordpork, Raevyne or Funkyarrows

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