At the moment, this guild is in a state of hibernation. Members have left and we are waiting for a miracle (that is, a big bunch of people to join the guild simultaneously or people who are patient enough to stick around until we get more active members). As soon as this happens, I will let you know. We still accept new members, but are currently inactive. Also, any person who fulfills the requirements below and wishes for a quiet, low-profile guild to dump their alts in (so that they won't be continually harassed with "Pls join my guild!!1" messages) is welcome to dump their alts into this guild.

- Opportunity, on February 24th 2008

We don't want to take away any of your hard-earned experience points. We also don't want to rob players of the experience, resources, kamas and items that are rightfully theirs. Thus, we will always have:

  • 0% of your experience taken by the guild (unless you tell us you want us to take more from you)
  • no collectors (or, as we gain more levels, we may place collectors on popular collector spots and put all their points into spells - that way, the collector spot will be taken by a harder-to-kill-than-average collector with 0% kama, experience, item and resource steal that should discourage people from attacking it and replacing it with a collector that steals)

Shard of Forgotten Magic is a guild that aspires to bring back a bit of the now seemingly forgotten magic of the past, of the times when people thought of others at least as highly as they thought of themselves. Thus, our members will always:

  • be polite, even to complete strangers and enemies, and do their utmost to remain cool under verbal and other kinds of abuse
  • speak clearly and spell their words correctly without using any form of 1337 speak
  • refrain from aggressing other players (attacking collectors, participating in territory conquests and helping friends when they are aggressed is allowed and encouraged, though)

To join this guild, you must be:

  • playing on the Rosal server
  • able to communicate in English
  • a paying member of the Dofus community
  • judged by the guild's council of elders to be mature and considerate enough to fit in with the rest of us

For more information and in case you want to join us, contact Marjoreld or Opportunity in the game. One of them will put you on approval for the guild until the council has made its decision. In spite of the perhaps a bit off-putting list of rules and requirements, you will find us a rather easy-going and good-humoured lot. Dungeon-runs and training/leveling sessions are done with patience and good spirits, and amusing witticisms never go unappreciated.

Let's be jolly and chivalrous and have a good time ridding the world of collectors!