last update on 4/2008

Established 4/2008 Edit

Entrance Requirements Edit

The following is a list of the requirements needed to join our guild:

  • Any level welcome
  • Pay-to-Play (P2P) and Free to play (F2P) accepted
  • Mature
  • Kind
  • Fun-Loving
  • Respectful

*If you are inactive for 2 weeks you will be kicked from the guild

Ranks and ResponsibilitiesEdit

All rights are earned.

The ranks are as follows, highest to lowest order:


  • Secretary: A trustworty person that is the keeper of guild money and items.
  • Treasurer: Has rights to pick up materials and kamas from Collector.
  • Protector: A Keeper is usually in charge of the kamas your collector receives.
  • Craftsman: This rank usually is given to someone with a high level profession and may also receive priority on materials collected from Collectors.
  • Guard: A member who helps defend percs on occasions.
  • Scout: Member used to go to far places in search of something, it may be to place a collector, other's guild collectors, etc...
  • Treasure Hunter: A person who goes for set items or kama's
  • Guide: A person who has a large amount of knowledge about dofus.
  • Breeder: A member of a guild who has rights involving paddocks.
  • Merchant: Normally a member who sells resources and drops from percs to help support the guild.
  • Apprentice: A guild member who is being trained by higher ranking members for specific jobs.
  • Mascot: this rank if often given to the funniest guy in the guild
  • On Trial : The lowest rank. This is given to new members. You will be on this level until 1000xp has been given to the guild.
  • Nuisance: A rank given to people who are annoying, but at the same time, humane enough to stay in the guild.
  • Deserter: A person suspected of being inactive, or has left the game completely. These people are usually removed from the guild after a 2 week absence.
  • Traitor: A traitor to the guild