If you want to join this guild, the four people to get in contact with would be: Death-becomesu, DarkAtacoo, feline-goddess, or Vahn-Gala. If they're not online at the time, you can contact one of them at the guild site.

Minimum Guild Level RequirementsEdit

There is no alignment requirements or membership requirements. F2p are more than welcome to join. The current required guild level for entry into Shadow Law is 60. We do have members that are below this level, as they entered the guild prior to the increase in requirements. AT NO TIME will an existing member be removed from the guild because their level is below the current requirement. The only cause for removal is inactivity or continued violation of guild policies. Rank advancements are usually given when a contest is won or a member has shown they are true to what shadow law stands for.


Rule #1: No aggressing fellow members of the guild. Rule #2: Members must be open to helping other members of the guild, as they are able to. Exception would be if you're f2p. Rule #3: Members' experience level is their discretion, however it must be between 5 and 90. If someone is caught abusing any of their rights that person will lose the right until the leaders decide that the punishment has been served.

You control your own exp donations and we do have contests. Check our web site for the contests going on now. Please use your in game ID for your display name so you wont get deleted. Thank you.

Mounts and PaddockEdit

Due to an unforeseen hiatus all Paddock are gone.


Canopy Village [-54, 21]