Rules & RegulationsEdit

  1. Don't cause unwanted trouble.
  2. Try to settle your own disputes without leader interference.
  3. All members must contribute 3%xp or higher at all times.
  4. Don't pick a fight with the leaders or other members.
  5. Congratulate members on accomplishments, don't look down on them.
  6. Don't ask for ranks and rights, you'll get them when we feel you're ready.
  7. Don't spam the guild chat
  8. Don't spam the alignment chat
  9. Definitely don't go screwing around with mods/admins
  10. Have fun!

Banning OffensesEdit

  1. Excessive fighting or squabling
  2. Disrespecting the leaders
  3. Continuous disrespect of other members
  4. Extremely bad attitude
  5. Extreme spamming of the guild chat (after warning)
  6. Aggressing other guildies without consent
  7. Throwing a fuss over a lost challenge/Aggression
  8. Team killing in public fights (gives the guild a bad name)
  9. Aggression of neutrals is forbidden under all circumstances
  10. Leaving the guild 3 time(s) will result in permanent expulsion. We can use your spot for someone who won't leave.

Guild Entry RequirementsEdit

  • Must be able to speak English
  • Anyone level 60+ may join, starting at the rank of Apprentice