Hello people Im Dragon-knight the leader of these guild we are very weak guild trying to do our best to level up we funny and active guild well at least i think we are =D.So if u want to join the guild you must be at least lvl 20 through 40 you my be low lvl but plz be active oh ya we love to talk about random things in the guild we can be off line sometimes but when u inactive for like 5 weeks we ban u.State your reason before u leave the guild plz then we will know what we need to do to become better guild For more info just pm Dragon-knight im active almost all the time not at this time 6:00 to 7:00 and sometimes 8:00.Well enough about me when u lvl 30 through 40 we like to chose u the hero in the guild which means that u are like the one that everyone in guild looks up to so ill place u as one of the seven heros which is second in command.