As of 13 January, 2015

Ranking System

Ranks and privileges are assigned according to player activity, PvP sense and guild/individual needs.

Main ranks in descending order

  • Treasurer - Officers
  • Protector* or Perceptor Killer* - PvPers 199+
  • Reservist - Not yet levelled up PvPers
  • Guard - Very active members' rank
  • Apprentice - Default rank
  • Deserter - Inactive (1 month+)
  • Penitent - Inactive with a reason
  • Dogsbody - Misbehaving members

Players that reach the Guard rank are allowed to choose any other rank except for the main ranks.


Rules are here to make things clear and avoid drama, please respect them.

  1. Only a player of a level 185 or higher may be invited, very few exceptions may be made.
  2. Guild chat is mainly for casual conversations and recruiting for guild events, while buying/selling is allowed, avoid excessive spamming. Sensitive topics such as religion and personal issues should be avoided, that is what private messages and group chats are for.
  3. No cursing or rude behaviors, if this happens twice, the player will be kicked.
  4. 100k or more guild experience grants perceptor rights.
  5. You may not place more than two perceptors.
  6. While you don't have to help guild members, helping will result in a better rank as well as being active.
  7. Alternative characters are allowed.
  8. If you will go inactive for a while, inform leaders about it. If you don’t you will be kicked after 2 months of inactivity, 180- will be kicked after a month of inactivity.
  9. If you are breeding and need to log off, take your mounts and/or any paddock equipments with you (unless you intend to share it), do not leave the paddocks full when you are offline.
  10. Must speak english

Interested in joining?

Serenity is a constantly expanding guild, think you have got what it takes to join us?

  1. English Speaking
  2. F2P/P2P
  3. Level 185+ (Very rare exceptions may be made, but do not count on it.)

Officer contact information

If you need to contact us for any reason, these are the people who can help.

  • Leader: Meheecan
  • Second in Command: Omelette
  • Second in Command: Pen-panda
  • Second in Command: Sir-kappy
  • Officer: Mothers-star

Alliance information

Serenity is the founding guild of the Convergence alliance. We are an alliance that values community more than PvP. Our goal with this alliance is to give our members the best social experience in the game. Instead of focusing to have the best PvPers, we focus more on having a good atmosphere in the alliance and involving all players in the process of developing it. Therefore, we arrange weekly events to bring our players closer together and enjoy.