Seraphim was started just after the Rushu beta by CrimsonQueso and Sariya.


The guild originally started off very small, consisting of just a few friends, but soon grew in numbers. Primarily Bontarian, Seraphim also had a number of neutrals and at one point a single Brakmarian (although, he lasted only a day ;). Through disagreements about the direction of the guild and it's members, leadership was passed from CQ to Sariya in late September. Mid-October, leadership was then passed over to Neirad as Sariya left the guild along with CrystalNocturne to pursue their own paths within Dofus. Not long after the untimely departure of those two key members, Seraphim merged with Love and fell into disuse, with only a few alt characters left in the guild.

Today, Seraphim is entirely inactive.

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