"Hone your aim. stay your blade and above all follow our creed. you're now a seeker."
- The call of the Seeker infentria. Creedence dating back to 3rd centuary, AD.

Welcome. This guild was created on the 6/6/09 It is currently a level 3 guild, with around 20 members.

It's current leader : Diaord. Second in commands : fallen-Bwak, Stone-knight.

Requirements: Edit

Activity; Anyone who is inactive for longer then 20 Days will be disbanded. If a Plausable alibi is provided Re-entrance may be allowed

To keep average level up, for the time being, 5+ is our limit. This should be easy. Soon this will be increased to 16+

Nb; These may be reduced in the case of a special commendation. Someone with an exceptional service, say 10kxp or more will be safe. The protector Rank is immune to Inactivity banishment.

Good luck.

To join Edit

Ask Any member you might meet. as soon as your induction is noted one of the command members will appoint a level based upon : Level; xp to guild; Alignment; Ties.

Special commendations / alts of will be Second in commands with all rights. These people are generally trusted characters. at the moment the basis of our guilding system is :

1 -15 (still able to go to incarnam .)on Trial , Invite new members.

16-20 (Lower levels, likely to leech .)Aprentice, Invite new members, manage Xp.

21-29 (less likely to leech asks for k.)Initiate , Consult above.

30-39 (Prety self-supportvie. more use.)Secretary, Invite new members Place a perceptor, manage Xp.

40-49 (Self supportive. loose leash.)Guard , Consult above.

50-99 (completly self-supported.)Protector, All rights save Ban and manage rights.

100-200(consult above.)Consult above.

Exceptions : Deserters; Traitors. Have befitting names, and will be on complete probation until Command sees fit to promote.

Exceptional service will grant a Protector state. or in some cases, a Field commission to Second in command.

Rules: Edit

We are a pretty laid back guild, but we will not stand for :

  1. Desertion, Tretchery.
  2. Assault, derogative use of language.
  3. Promotion of a race or the put down of another. Both are racism.
  4. Infighting.
  5. Assault.
  6. Perverse language.
  7. Sexual content with in the guild chat.
  8. Respect for other guilds is important.
  9. Behavior when representing our guild (Perceptor defenses, dungeon runs, Meetings with other guild leaders etc.)
  10. Remember, this is a game. don't take it seriously. The rules set here is for safety and for reputation.