Guild Basics Edit

  • Founded: December 28, 2006 by shreloche
  • Language: English
  • Eligibility: P2P Players Lvl 60+ (some exceptions)
  • Average Level: 95~ (not including servants or inactive characters)
  • Guild Houses: 3
  • Paddocks: 2 - 17 Mounts Total Space'

Guild Ranks Edit

Sarboab accepts both main and alt characters.
On Trial
Rank given to those who just joined. Has two weeks to move up in rank before being kicked.

  • No requirements

No Rights.
Player has been officially accepted into guild.

  • 5000 exp given to guild
  • Level 40

No Rights.

  • 10.000 exp given to guild

+Invite New Members.
Chosen One

  • 15.000 exp given to guild
  • Level 50
  • Must have 100 hp
  • Must deal 100 damage per round

+Manage Own Mount, +Place Collector.

  • 25.000 exp given to guild
  • Level 60
  • Must deal 150 damage per round
  • Must have 150 HP

+Receive Collectors Resources, Kamas.
Has first priority over guild items and first priority over rare guild resources.

  • 50.000 exp given to the guild
  • Level 70
  • Must deal 200 damage per round
  • Must have 250 HP

+Receive Collectors Items.

Perceptor Issues Edit

We are happy to return any rare items stolen by our Percs as long as we are politely asked before an attempt on the Perc is made.
Feel free to contact any of the following guild members, they are often online and would be able to assist you:

shreloche, Brona, Kumu, Zanin, Ahkruke, Meheal, Nomahr, Ygoral or ask any of our members to ask in guild who is on that can deal with perc issues. If no one is available we ask you wait and try again later.

*note* Percs have been changed and no longer steal drops, they work like an extra character with their own pp and roll last. We will still return rare items if asked as an incentive for players to fight on maps with out perc but we ask that you be a bit flexible about when the perc gets cleaned. You get to use our perc's 200+ (and rising) PP for an extra chance at rare drops and in return Sarboab Guild gets xp and more common drops. We ask that you please do not abuse this policy. No items will ever be returned after an attack on our perc. I'm using leek pie I got that way. Someone hit our perc and after losing asked for the spell back. I told him I was sorry but I just learned the spell. ;)