Sangreal is a active guild with 58 members. The guild was created in June 2007. The guild was created by Anjelos and his wife Olymphia. We are a fun loving respectable guild. Maturity is asked for in all members. Age is not a matter of maturity. Maturity depends on the person. We have multiple crafters. Questions will be answered promptly. As we give out help we expect our members to do the same as well. Minimum experience donations are 5% for main characters and your choise for alts. We run dungeons and hunts frequently. We are talkative and very active. We expect our members to do the same. Be respectful. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Levels do not gain you respect. Maturity and kindness gains you respect here. Minimum lvl 120

Contacts - BigDrop, Anjelos, Arlond, Fymatikos, Mastersadi