Our guild is a safe haven.

We are a friendly and active guild that values both leveling and crafting.

Several People Worth KnowingEdit

  • Our Magnanimous Leader is the Maginificent Mal
  • Co-leader and Self-proclaimed "Cranky Old Lady" is Jia-li
  • Co-leader and Only Panda of the guild is Hunting-blood
  • -Beast- is Kriegel
  • Tactical Mastermind is Fellstar
  • FISH GEEK is Killifish
  • Super-Eni is Elyssium
  • Looks of candy and Heart of Pure Evil is Twink-Twink
  • The Iop who hits stuff is Kmatt
  • Gold digger is Shovelslinger
  • Silent yet efficient is Master-Wyrmling

If you want fun and friendly people this is the guild for you.

Written By Ompa, modified by GaryKiet, Ely, Kmatt, and Hunting. (Mal still would have done it better)

History or whatever elseEdit

This guild has been around for a long time and it never realy seams to get an influx of new members as its never activly recuted and its sjut been a hay i made a new friend wana join the guild kinda thing. It is always a place to chat with familliar friends and if they ever quit you could be confident the best chance to find them again was back in the guild as all the members seamed to get drawen into comming back if they left, with a couple exceptions not mentioning anyone in particualr who should come back *cough sagi* as thats not what we should be doing.

the guild is ushaly more active when i (kmatt) is supposed to be asleep so id say there a bit of a gap in the time zone activities.

o yea this bit was created by half asleep K.matt 14:31, December 14, 2011 (UTC) (not half asleep kmatt would have done better)

Former notable members who have moved onEdit

  • Jessd
  • Hoobla
  • Aldailis
  • Whistler
  • Pandarice (or Smolder)
  • Justbabygirl
  • Busybody
  • GaryKiet

Wish all of them good luck on their paths.

Created by Hunting.